Integrated Wellness


Dining locations at work, at school or in a senior community, are often the primary locations your customers consume daily meals. This is why ReadyTouch believes it was critical to develop a system that delivers not only a POS solution but a comprehensive wellness solution.

The ReadyTouch system is designed to educate, motivate, and monitor individuals on healthy eating behavior, corporate wide. Using a point system we score each recipe and tag menu items with a healthy icon. We also provide nutrient details for each menu item within your customized menu delivering immediate education to your customers so they can make wise choices. The healthy icons also indicate to your customers which items will reward them with healthy eating points. Points they can redeem for predetermined rewards based upon your customized loyalty program. All information including the healthy icon, nutrition information, point accumulation and rewards are available through the self-service POS in the cafeteria, the onsite stand-alone display and your customers personal mobile device.

In addition, the ReadyTouch system allows you to customize POS commercials and messaging, enables you to deliver personal messages to your customers once they identify themselves at the POS or personal device. Once identified the system provides access to individual historical data, behavior tracking and healthy tips within a personal wellness portal. The ReadyTouch system also gathers information at a macro level providing corporate, department and category information to the client organization to monitor progress or problems in the habits of their employees.

The more information you can provide to your customers the more engaged and motivated they will be in improving their health through your onsite dining programs.

 With Integrated Wellness, you can:

  • Motivate your customers to live a healthier lifestyle through daily nutritional tracking.

  • Provide your customers with individual tracking and trending information with no additional commitment from them other than purchasing food within their onsite facilities.

  • Deliver automated loyalty and reward programs driving increased participation and healthy behaviors.

  • Deliver to corporate clients a benefit that goes beyond onsite foodservice. Deliver a system that promotes happier, healthier employees while improving the usage rates of the onsite dining services.

Cashier Service Solutions

cashier service

Standard cash register? Not with the ReadyTouch Flex Cashier solution.

ReadyTouch Flex offers conveniences like no other POS system. The ReadyTouch cashier system delivers end to end solutions designed to optimize workflow, improve customer service, extend hours of operations, enable better labor management and increase your overall program profitability.

The ReadyTouch Flex system goes beyond the basics of a standard cash register featuring:

  • Customized menu management for all units from a single location available to access 24 hours a day, seven days a week while onsite or offsite.

  • Register flexibility allowing you to transition from a full service cashier system to self service with a single touch and a swivel of the screen.

  • Intuitive touch screen menus.

  • Healthy item identification, loyalty program accumulation and redemption with no added steps or screens.

  • Customized receipts available to print at the register or email direct to the customer.

  • Standard and customized single location, multiple locations, and enterprise reporting.

The ReadyTouch Flex system supports a variety of payment options including cash, credit, debit, declining balance and configured employee ID’s. ReadyTouch uses an encrypted card system to ensure your customers' private information stays private.

The system also supports all peripherals necessary including cash drawers, barcode scanners, weight scales, magnetic card readers, printers and email access and comes with a dedicated support staff waiting to help you with any questions or concerns.

Self Service Solutions

self service self service2

Who likes to wait in line? Not us! When you choose a ReadyTouch self-service solution your customer won’t have to wait for long.

ReadyTouch Self-Service solutions help you put purchasing and ordering power in the hands of your customers, employees or guests enabling them to pre-order their items and be notified via their mobile or desktop when their order is ready for pick up or delivery. Employees can also check out quickly within the cafe, vending or break-room using either a customer facing self-service cash register or a screen displaying an intuitive online menu, or using a bar-scanner to identify their items. Once their items are identified they can quickly check out swiping their ID badge or payment card and seamlessly and quickly move through the cafe.

Whether cost savings, quicker lines, or customer convenience is your goal ReadyTouch offers the equipment and system that will meet your need. With several equipment options including; cash register systems that swivel to face your customer during self-check out times, table top or wall mounted display screens that offer pre-order and payment options, or full size stand-alone display screens, we work with you to determine your specific needs. We then provide the equipment and software option that best fits your specific needs. ReadyTouch also specializes in the ability to customize messaging, look and feel, and overall program functionality if desired.

With Self Service Solutions, you can:

  • Streamline ordering and purchasing for your customers.

  • Station your staff where they are needed most, improving efficiency.

  • Decrease wait times, potentially increasing sales.

  • Provide customized and targeted messaging at the POS or mobile device.

Table Service Solutions


ReadyTouch table service solutions enable you to leverage technology in a restaurant setting while delivering warm and personal service. Your servers greet your guests at their table and take their order, entering it on a hand-held tablet. It is easy for servers to add special instructions, requests and seat assignments.

During the evening, servers can easily access the orders for their tables and managers can keep an eye on all of the orders. Bartenders can open and close tabs, record tips, and send orders to the kitchen. At the end of the night, your servers can easily split the check for a table in seconds. Your guests are delighted with the speed accuracy and convenience of the whole dining experience!

 With Table Service Solutions, you can:

  • Deliver faster service, pleasing customers and accelerating turnover.

  • Reduce errors — bad handwriting doesn’t matter anymore!

  • Improve back-of-the-house operations.

  • Increase overall sales due to improved wait staff operations.

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